Established FFL in Texas in the same location since 2002 & incorporated in Texas in 2008.

Been training for ever by the Grace of God !!

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Wetmore is the home of the $85.00 LTC Class & the $25 firearms transfer fee, the best prices within 100 miles

 Effective September 1, 2010

  Any firearms left over 30 days for any reason without prior arrangements will become the property of Wetmore Mgt Services Inc., some examples why a customer would not pick up a firearm are : getting denied by the FBI on the back ground check and not being able to get a clearance, not being able to pay the balance due, forgot they had a firearm waiting for pickup, in prison  ... just to name a few.

As a note on transfers': when we send our information for your transfer requests we include several pages of info that the seller needs to comply with, when your delivery is ready for release we will call you, but we are very busy since we are the preferred FFL dealer of so many other online dealers, since so many local FFL's just can't be bothered with this anymore or charging a arm and a leg just to do this, but rest assured we will call you when your firearm is ready for release, we work on appt's only for transfers, please just donít show up cause you saw it on the truck or it was delivered or you are in the area to see if you can just pick it up, our policy is we will call you and set you an appt.

Key Benefits

  • Professional & personal attention by our staff.
  • Secure and confidential transactions.
  • Cost effective for incoming transfers and outgoing when you sell a firearm.




Class I Firearms Vaulted Storage

per month pre paid

$   15.00 pm

Class III Firearms Vaulted Storage

per month pre paid

$   20.00 pm

Consignment of Firearms

Options: In shop - Our web auction sites - at gun shows or any combo above. 

$25 to start, $10 to run its background &    15% commission of final gross sales &   web fees (if any).

Class I Gun Transfers ( in or out )  + shipping costs if sending out, basic packing supplies included in shipping costs.

$   25.00

Class I Gun Transfer Card Pre paid card pay for 4 transfers in advanced get 6 on card $ 100.00
Class I Gun Transfer First Responders First Responders, police, fire, ems & active duty military $   15.00
Class I Gun Transfer Card First Responder Pre paid card pay for 4 transfers in advanced get 6 on card $   60.00
Class III NFA Items Transfers Class III bought from another dealer ( minor paperwork ) $ 100.00
Class III NFA Items Transfers Class III bought from another dealer ( intermediate paperwork ) $ 125.00
Class III NFA Items Transfers Class III bought from another dealer ( major paperwork ) $ 150.00


Be advised : After we have complied with BATF procedures and we have called or emailed you, will your firearm (s) be ready for release, please do not just come by due to seeing that your package has been delivered per a tracking system, just because its been delivered doesn't mean its ready for release, please be patient and wait for a call or email from us we will call you asap. We are listed as FFL Transfer Agents on the following auction web sites:



Instructions for the buyer - click here

Instructions for the seller - click here


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