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State of Texas

"License To Carry A Handgun"     

Handgun Proficiency Requirements - Qualification at the range (is not counted towards the 4 - 6 classroom hours).

Below is just some of the subjects that are covered in the 4 - 6 hrs classroom part of the course.

Firearm Retention. (new laws).

Firearm Storage.

Firearm Safety.

Non-violent Dispute Resolution.

Chapter 9 of the Texas Penal Code.  

Your options on how to carry concealed. 

Your options on how to open carry. (new laws) 

Choosing the right gun for self defense.  

Review of the info required for the "License to Carry" Final Exam.

LTC Training Form (issued upon course completion.)

We will train you, your family, a group you are involved with, your church and its members .. we will train you and your friends to defend yourselves on the street, in the home or at your business. We conduct your training in the conventional manner, along with unconventional special tactics. This training is just the start & it doesn't end in an afternoon, its a ongoing life style. We maintain professional relationships with other instructors nation wide who can address other needs that you may have. If you determine that you need training in hand to hand combat we have the right instructors just for you on our list of contacts to teach you, to mold you .. we all train people from all walks of life, from novice through expert, from young to old, from the able to the disabled ... we do it all.

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